Holy Smokes! updated!!

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Holy Smokes! updated!!

So I took a nap laying half on my side half on my belly. Apparently baby isn't a fan of that because s/he kicked the crap out of me and it was noticeable from the outside!! You could see and feel it from the outside!!! Hubby almost cried

Im starting to think I may be further along than they thought. Hmm

My uterus is already at my belly botton too...so either this baby is big, there is more than one or Im weird lol.


So little bean did it again!! I was laying on my belly watching house with a pillow under my hips to keep some pressure off my tummy and s/he attacked me again!! I rolled over and brought my knees up to kinda hold him/her there and sure enough I could feel him/her roll over!!

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YAY for feeling some awesome movement in there Smile Did you have a 12wk scan? What did that say the baby was measuring? Maybe you just have a bigger baby or you are prone to feeling it better Smile

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I had an u/s at my first appointment, I measured 9wks3days and I thought I was almost 11. And my placenta was/is in front of my little babe.

Either way Im ecstatic! Lol Just seems weird that I can feel him/her already! Im not fat but Im definitely not skinny lol I just figured it would take way longer than now!!

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That is early to feel movements. I'm super skinny and I still haven't seen or felt any movements like that yet. Maybe you are further along than they think you are, or you have one strong baby there!

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Wow really!?? i'm jealous Smile

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WOW! That's awesome! When is your next appointment?!

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"always_1111" wrote:

WOW! That's awesome! When is your next appointment?!

Next Wednesday. Im going to request another ultrasound, just to make sure there really is only one and that I am not further along than they thought!!

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Wow how fun! I can't wait to feel my LO - I wonder what your U/S will measure! O.o

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That is so fun! I can't wait to hear what your u/s shows! Just today I felt a little stronger of a movement than I had been- but it was more like a pushing feeling- maybe baby was stretching or something that I felt- no punching yet!