home from the doctor (:

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home from the doctor (:

After waiting a hour and a half. I finally got to go back! Aaannnddd wait another half hour lol Two woman apparently gave birth within 5 mins of each other and the new doctor isn't working yet so it was a little hetic for everyone lol.

My bp is starting to get into a safer range Biggrin yay
My protein is a little high but not high enough to be worried.
Had a blood draw for genetic testing.
I have to start wearing a belly band because my pelvic bones are rubbing together and if this doesn't help she is going to have me start pregnancy physical therapy. Oh what fun!

And now that I've dragged Elin along I can get to the stuff she has been stalking me for lol

My uterus is measuring two weeks ahead. The ultrasound machine was down so we didn't get to do measurements but I have my anatomy scan September 15, she ordered an anatomy and second dating scan. While we were there, she checked for double heartbeats, but LO was moving around so much she could hardly get one! She pushed down a little with her hands and baby kicked her and she jumped lol she said she is pretty sure there is just one but agrees that I may be further along than we thought!
Next reg appointment is Sept 21st and again the anatomy scan is Sept 15(: i can't stand waiting 3 weeks to see if I'm further along or not lol grr!

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Ahhhhhhhh well I'm glad all is well overall! I'll just have to stalk you some more is all Smile I hope your 3 weeks go by fast! I hope your pelvis cooperates too!

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I'M glad it was a good appointment. Waiting for ultrasounds isn't any fun

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Sorry you had to wait and continue to wait again since the u/s machine was down, but other than that it sounds like a wonderful appointment! I'm so happy that everything is going so well. Too funny how your LO kicked/hit her Smile

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Ooh we all have to wait longer to find out lol. Great appt thou Smile

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Sorry to hear that the machine was down but it sounds like you were able to get alot done Smile

I am looking forward to reading about your next appointment Wink

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Other than all the waiting, sounds like it was a pretty good appt. Hope these next 3 weeks fly by!