hope everyone

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hope everyone

Is doing well. our board has been pretty quiet (understandably) I know i feel like hiding out until baby comes :).

If you are up for it give an update.

New mommies...how are you recovering and how is your little lovebug?

Expecting mommies, how are you feeling? anything big left to get done? any big plans before baby comes?

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Hey! Still pregnant here- c-section is thursday morning!!! CRAZY! More and more contractions, hip pain, etc, but I'd be surprised if it came before the c-section. We had a little baby shower this weekend, and I have most everything in order for the newbie- so we're pretty set. YAY!!!

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Midwife home visit went well today. All my birth supplies are all together and ready for action. Midwife is 99.9% sure Daphne is head down but I find out tomorrow at the OB with an ultrasound. Been having lots of pressure and lots of contractions but my midwives don't deliver at home until 37 weeks. Daphne needs to stay baking at least 2 more weeks.