How to explain to a 3 YO

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How to explain to a 3 YO

So DD has figured out that she's going to be a big sister. Don't ask me how, we still haven't figured it out. Anyway, she seems to understand that daddy and mommy did something to get a baby in there, but wants to know how the baby gets out. To understand her best, just look at her favorite tv shows: The Magic Schoolbus, The Mysteries of Alfred the Hedgehog, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Dinasaur Train, Sid the Science Kid,Zula Patrol. Anyone see a trend here?:) She got all upset with me the other night because I couldn't adequately explain where wind came from.:eek:

So does anyone have an idea how to explain childbirth to a young child? Keeping in mind we're planning a c-section? I looked at the library but they were either too young for her questioning mind or way over her head. I'm hoping to explain it at a 5 year old's level since that seems to be where she's at for sciency stuff.

The only thing I'm thankful for in this case is that in all other things she is normal. Dolls, Thomas the Tank, Hello Kitty, etc.

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Wow! Sounds like you have a really smart girl on your hands! I am not sure how you can explain it to her. Have you tried checking you tube for some videos, maybe?...

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My daughter at two is the same way, we caught her last week trying to take the VCR apart to 'how it work momma', She took here busy ball popper apart to see where the air came from ect. We told her there is a baby in mommys belly and she lifted up my shirt and said 'No it not' lol

Since she is very interested in how things work, see if your hospital offers tours for siblings. At our hospital they take mommy and siblings on a tour of everywhere mommy will or may go and explain what each room is for. They go to an empty surgical room and depending on the age give a little 'show' of what will happen. (:

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