How late should you be..

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How late should you be..

Hi girls!
Just lurking around and had a question for ya!

How late could you be before getting a pos Hpt? Or what's the latest you've been getting AF? I've been 3-4 days late at the most, the first month after coming off BCP, and now I'm 11 days late! ugh!!

All tests are BFN though.

How late would your AF have to be for you to go get a blood test?

I keep thinking for sure AF will be here tomorrow, and everyday it's a noshow!
I've had cramps off and on for three days, lower backache mostly, and super sore BBS, so I keep thinking 'she's finally on her way!' but then.. nada!! Pretty sure I wouldnt have cramps and such if I was actually pg?

Getting frusterated! I just want to know, yes or no, or pos HPT or AF so I can move on, oh and have a glass of wine or something would be nice!! hehe Smile

Any words of wisdom? Smile

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I am not much help here but you do have BBS and little cramping even though your preg.. I found out at 6 weeks but all that I read I could of checked at 4 weeks to find out. (remember they count 2 weeks after last period so when I found out I was preg I was really only 4 weeks from getting preg. I hope I didn't confuse u

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Are you charting? If not, then it's really just a guess. I've had cycles that lasted 50+ days in the middle of normal cycles. Could have sworn I knew I Od, etc but nope...BFN's up until AF finally decided to show.

Sorry it's not much help but it wouldn't be the first time a wacky cycle followed a normal cycle especially after stopping BCP.

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I'd think it would be an obvious BFP by now. You are probably just having a crazy cycle because of the BC. You may need a visit to the doc for some provera.

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Well it looks like i am the odd one in the bunch.... I also am a lurker i love to watch these ladies on their journey. But back to being the odd one... With DS1 i didnt get a + HPT till 7-8 months along and i also had 1 wrong blood test at around 2-3 months... i did not find out i was prego till i was 4.5 months along.... and with DS2 i did not get a + HPT till around 4-5 months and i had 1 wrong blood test around 2-3 months.... i found out i was prego with him around 3 months 1 week because i knew something wasnt right because i had been prego once all ready and just knew how it felt.... My doc was scared crap less by my test results with both of my boys she said she had never seen anything like it in her 20+ years as a OB/GYN.... She tried to put me on bed rest because of it... and if you knew me you would dye laughing at the thought of me being stuck in bed and i told her to research it and see what she could find and come to find out about 10% of women are like that and have perfect pregnancy's.... and the more times they are pregnant the sooner the body produces the pregnancy hormone.... so i was off the hook for bed rest thank god i would have went nuts/killed someone lol.... I know it is hard to do but if you keep getting BFN'S just stay calm and call your doc and see what they want to do and if you have a - blood test and AF still dosent show see if they will run more tests to see what is wrong Smile please keep me updated Smile