How many pounds?

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How many pounds?

I just wanted to be nosey and see what everyones weight gain is up to these days? We are all getting very close (or already in) the third trimester and soon the scale will be going down rather than up!

I will share first, as of today I am up 19.5 lbs! I was hoping to only have a 25lb gain this pregnancy but that dream is pretty much over! Oh well it is all for a good cause, I just hope to keep it at 35lbs!

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As of yesterday I am up 8! I gain then lose then gain then lose. My goal is no more than 30 and it looks like I'll be able to keep it as long as bedrest doesnt kick my @$$ lol

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I'm up a total of 8-10 lbs. Mine bounces around based on how salty a meal I've eaten(water retention) and mild constipation( while on the codeine for my bronchittis).

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I don't look at the scale, I know I'm up at least 20 though, yuck.

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Sadly I am up 31 .... but there are two of them in there... as of our u/s on Friday baby A is 2Lbs.15oz and Baby B is 3Lbs 3oz.

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Erica- I am way impressed with how big the twins are! That is some awesome baking you are doing! I wouldn't feel bad at all about the 31lbs! You have 3 mouths to feed Smile

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I haven't gained anything.. I am actually down 18lbs. They are concerned about it, but when I had my ultrasound he seemed to be growing alright. They said if I keep losing weight I will have to be hospitalized:S

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22 for me Smile

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At my last appointment I was down 5lbs from the starting gate. I am "obese" so that us really awesome.

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I didn't want to gain more than 16lbs, but I am just about there right now. Sad I was already overweight and I was hoping that would help keep me down but no.

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I'm up about 7 pounds which I haven't heard anything bad about yet since they were sooo darn crazy at the start about me gaining loads of weight. I think I'm doing well considering I was bigger to start with. I'm just worried about her weight gain because she is actually under. I'm hoping by the dec 14 apt with the special doctor that she has grown.