How were your weekends?

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How were your weekends?

I have had a good weekend...M told me on Friday that he was sick of me living in leggings...and he was taking me shopping...woohooo...more than happy for him to tell me i look a state if hes going to buy me clothes.
So we went out he got me loads of tops and fab pair of really high waisted jeans that cover my fat swollen overfed, plus a pair of knee length skinny jeans too....happy me.
The only reason we stopped was because his wallet became said hes taking me again in two weeks for some smarter summer things.
Remind me not to moan about him
Been raing all day so haven't really done anything else but watch tv. His brother passed by today to see M's new bicycle...he now has five bikes...all stupid prices....he is crazy...£1600 for the latest..and thats with discount i think...madness.
Hes told me i have to go out on my bike after work for thirty mins every bike is modest. Hope to go down the disused railway next week if the weather picks up.
Thats about it...oh went to my friends baby shower also yesterday afternoon..can't believe i forgot that. She is due next month...i go her a dummy thermometer set, one normal dummy, one normal therometer and then a dummy with a therometer built it. Found it at tesco...was very pleased with it...nearly everone else got her baby clothes. And very cute they were.
So i think thats

How was all yours?

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Pretty good here. Told the rest of my family about little monster two (: Everyone was shocked but very excited! Spent a girls day with my sister & dd Kaylee, did facials, got our toes and nails painted. It was fun(: Then we had a little slumber party just us girls movies, cheap greasy food and popcorn.

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We told my parents on Saturday. I really did. Great job telling about our last baby and I thought I had a god idea this time but it backfired on me. Lol. I called and asked if she was going to the store and if so, could she pick me up a few thongs. She said ok so i brought over a grocery list that said, saltine crackers, ginger ale, prenatals, etc... She got to prenatals.but my stupid handwriting is so terrible, she couldn't make it out!!! I had to spell it out for her and that wasn't nearly as fun as the last time seeing that wave of realization wash over her face. Bah! Foiled by my own penmanship. Lol.

Otherwise, it was a decent weekend. We had a little b-day party for my nephew who is 15 today and that was fun! Today will suck cause my DH is having to drive to Austin for work and didn't find out until an hour ago but he should have been leaving at 1 this morning. Oh well. I'll see him tomorrow.

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"Broodymama" wrote:

Foiled by my own penmanship. Lol.

Fun idea anyway! Was she excited!?

We didn't do too much this weekend really- hung out in the newly re-finished basement, went for some walks, went and watched DH run a 10K (Ronan and I cheered him on Smile )
Ronan is growing up SOOO fast- I feel like he's learning something new almost everyday- so I stay pretty busy just taking it all in hahaha!

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Sat was loads of fun. Took my last (sanctioned by OB) trip to an amusement park. Bay Beach is really just a kiddee park, so Liese had a blast, but I did ride their new coaster twice! Yipee, glad I could get it in before I'm off coasters for the year. Sun, we dropped Walt at the airport at 06:30. Ick. So I'm batchin' it with the munchkin till Thurs. VBS started last night. Haven't laughed that hard in ages. watching 3-5 yos trying to play Duck, Duck, Goose was a hoot. My lo got tagged and just stood their confused. He kept trying to get her to run so she climbed in my lap. LOL.

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I spent 2 days in the land of baking. I had to do 8 batches of different squares and 8 batches of different cookies for a raffle at DH's work and I also had a cake for 30 and cupcakes for 75 due this Sunday. I am SO BEAT..

DS has been getting really hard to deal with lately. He'll be 3 in September and he is ignoring me outright, or doing EXACTLY what I'm asking him not to do, throwing major fits when things don't go his way...It's been EXTREMELY trying to say the least. :neener: And DH was working nights all weekend. He works 12 hour shifts so that meant he was gone by 6:30 pm, home by 8:00 am, and asleep until 3. So I got 3 ish hours of help per day for the last 3 days. :help1: :help1: :help1: :argh:

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WE had a fantastic weekend, we went to a big the Big Apple Block Party BBQ in NYC!! it was so yummy, BBQ rigs from around the country, all near the Madison Square park, selling plates of food to support the park conservancy (sp?) hmmm, we had ribs, brisket, turkey, sausage, pimento cheese.... mmmm so much good stuff.

funniest part was dd feel asleep in the stroller while chewing on on a baby back rib bone, so cute sleeping and having the grip of death on the bone...

Good thing cravings haven't kicked in yet... the BBQ event would have been in trouble.