I am so jealous of my DH :(

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I am so jealous of my DH :(

It's totally not fair that I get to see him sleep so peaceful and even worse on his tummy. I never knew just how much I would miss that Sad

For me... Left.. than right.. Left.. leg cramp.. than right.. :angry1:
hmmm It still will be a long time before I can enjoy a good night sleep on my tummy without a care in the world.. But my Little guy is worth it for sure Smile

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I totally feel you about the sleep issue. I thought I had it on easy street. Well lately I have been getting a few hours of sleep and then BAM I'm wide awake. There is no reason why I should be up right now because I work nights and need to sleep during the day hours, not be up on the computer....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Lol I have the same issue. I am up and down, tossing and turning all night long and DH is soozing peacfully in lala land. The big ol' jerk! Blum 3 Sometimes I wish I was a seahorse so I could pass pregnancy along to him for a night! LOL

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sleep sucks around here too, it's painful to roll over for me, so i totally understand. and YES i would love to lay on my stomach!!!