I have to laugh...

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I have to laugh...

So I handed DH a list of 10 or so names that I like, all with interchangable middle names. He hands me a post it note with 1. I asked what he thought of mine and he said he'd seen me writting them, but he hasn't looked at them yet. Smile His submission was Katherina Erma (My grandma's name was Irma, but that would have made LO's initials KIS which seems like a bad idea.) So thus far we STILL are calling it baby. >.

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Awe! I'm sure the right name will come soon. Smile

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You will know when it's right. Cute name. Wink it's harder then people realize. At least it was hard when me & DH were thinking of girl name. As for boy name, Landon was always at the top of the list. I feel guilty though cause I guess your surpost to name your first son after the daddy. But it's close enough. Brandon vs Landon. Just wanted something different ya know

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Don't worry I haven't gotten any picked yet LOL we haven't even gotten that far DH is hopeless sometimes LOL