I know its early....

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I know its early....

Okay I know it is SUPER early in this whole pregnancy, so is it bad I already have my birth plan done? I had this urge to get it done.


It was like an urgent need. I have no idea why, but well its done. Its mostly a revised version of Kay's birth plan. (: But more geared for my wants for a natural/semi-natural birth.


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Hey I think that's great! I think about it too- so I don't blame you. It's good to have a direction in mind and to now be able to fine tune that for 7+ months! Nothing wrong with that Smile

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Looks perfect!!! Personally the narcotics like Demerol/Nubain/Stadol I would really avoid. I have heard that they really don't touch labor pain but make you feel drunk/high. If you get to the point where you think you want something for pain you need distraction/change of scenery/position or visualization. Anyway that is just my opinion Smile I have had 2 natural births, the first was in the hospital the second was at a free-standing birth center.

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I read your birth plan and as a FTM that scared the crap out of me. There is so much I have to think about. Wow...

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You are not crazy to have done your birth plan already. I think we should all start something, and add or remove items as well go along if needed. I am having to plan my labor, birth, and practitioners at this early stage because I am going for VBA4C. I have had 4 totally natural/vaginally. That is my plan this time as well. It is important to know or learn what you want and need. Every woman has that right, and we are all in a position to do our best to get what we want/need.

I applaud you for having it down in writing now. I am still working on all of mine Smile

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I just hope to be able to have a home birth. My midwife showed up as I was pushing last time, so it was just my hubby and me the whole time.
I may go over my alternative hospital birth plan with my back up ob/gyn at some point. I like my ob a lot and I know he will respect my choices and not judge them/hand me a lie card.

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"emansmom" wrote:

Looks perfect!!! Personally the narcotics like Demerol/Nubain/Stadol I would really avoid. I have heard that they really don't touch labor pain but make you feel drunk/high.

My DD's birth was semi-natural, I had to be induced because of pre-e but only used two shots of Nubain the entire 24 hour labor. It didnt make me loopy, and it didnt totally make the pain go away but it was enough to ease the added pain of labor on pitocin. lol (:

I also need to add to my NO NO list :Cytotec [misoprostol]

Jenna! Dont be scared! I am a serious planner, I plan everything. When I made my first birth-plan with DD Kay I was freaking out too. "What if I forget something" "What if this isnt whats best" "What if something goes wrong" Trust me having that birth-plan and knowing it was my go-to item in the event something happend that wasnt expected made labor and everything else so much easier! (:

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I never did a birth plan with DS1 but I did with DS2 as I wanted a natural birth. But by the time I got to the hospital it was to late to even use it. The did the hour of monitoring to make sure I was in real labor and then after the decided to keep me and DH brought in the copies of our birth plan I was in transition. So the only way they would have actually been able to read my plan was if it was in my file. lol. I'm not sure I'll make one with my midwife. I think I'll ask her what she would suggest. Being my own home and going with a midwife I'm thinking i really wont need one. I guess we'll see though. lol.