I think I may explode

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I think I may explode

Uggh. I have my NT scan today and I just swallowed 30 oz of water in 10 min. I think I may burst. Don't see why I'm bothering with NT since we won't terminate anyway, but hey its an excuse to see our gummy bear so who am I to complain. I just wish we didn't have to drink so much. I think the medical community goes out of their way to find ways to torture us. Wink Oh well, almost time to head for the imaging center. Sooner done sooner I can pee.

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I almost pee'd during my anatomy scan with kay lol the tech was like "Go pee woman!"

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Well at least you will get a clear picture Smile They never told me to drink anything and we could still see everything pretty clear.

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I hope you had no leaking! How'd everything go!?