I think we have a name:)

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I think we have a name:)

So after many long phone convo's with my Fiance we have finally came up with a name for our son.

So I think it is going to be Christopher like I said I think. At first I wanted to stick to my theme and now I was going to change it, but my Fiance really loves this name. I had my turn naming my girls so therefore it is his turn.

We have a lot going on in our lives right now.. so if this little thing makes him happy then so be it. I liked the name and the way I see it, it could be worse.

Have any of you guys had a hard time on coming up and agreeing with a name??

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This baby was a PITA to name. I wanted Delilah (Which I LOVE LOVE) and he wanted Deborah (Yeah, no) Took a while to convince him that her name would not be Deborah.

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I am glad we are not the only ones. Yes I like that name better as well. For a girl I always wanted Delanie after I had Alexis, but Alexis named her baby sister Brookelyn so I was ok with that too.

If we were having a girl her name was going to be Calyana(Cow-lee-Ona) is how you would have said it. We were still working on the spelling of it, but now that we are having a boy we don't have to worry about it. Funny how things work. At least you were able to convince you DH:)

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glad you came to an agreement!