I'm bored here!

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I'm bored here!

Where IS everyone?!?! GOSH! I'm so bored over here!! hehehe

Well, I guess it IS saturday night... gotta figure that most of you have lives.. sigh.. here I am doing homework.. welll..obviously not doing any... Made a healthy yummiest fajita salad diet dinner for my friend tonight while Kevin was fishing, now I told him to bring us a sundae home... although it is NOT on my diet but it might sweeten him up in order to do some BD tonight bahaha..

Because... got two SUPER SUPER SUPER dark opks a little bit ago, I tried 2 different kinds just to check hehe, and they were darker then the control yay!! sooo I MUST bD!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyhoo, cmon out everyone and keep me company!!! I guess there aren't many ppl in Feb yet.. sigh


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