I'm still pregnant! xp

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I'm still pregnant! xp

Ugh, ok well at my appt last week I was 4 cms and like 25%. The dr. wanted to see if I would go into labor on my own this week. On Friday I was having contractions every 10 min or so. I called dr.and they had me come in and do a non stress test on the baby. Baby was fine, and they sent me home and told me to go to the hospital if my contractions got to 5 min apart. Well they never did and finally fizzled out late Friday night. I was so bummed. I see the dr. tomorrow, and since I will be overdue she said we will induce if I want to. Can we say, YES! I'm soooooo done at this point! I never imagined I'd still be pregnant. I had both my other boys at 38 weeks. This one will be 41!. I am extremely anxious to see what day the dr. will schedule me for the induction next week. I'm really not wanting the 29th, but at this point if that's when the dr. is available I'll do it! I'm afraid this baby might be really big. My last one was 8 1/2 pounds and he was born at 38 weeks.

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**Lurker** I was thinking about you! I thought you were already holding your little man! I can't wait to hear how your dr appt goes and when you will have him!! Hope it happens soon!!

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Sorry you're still pregnant!!! Any news????