Introducing: Katharina Margaret (Katie)

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Introducing: Katharina Margaret (Katie)

Well, little Miss Katie decided that Mommy's ctx were finally enough and let me start dialating(20 min prior to discharge). I went from 1cm to 2.5 in 30 min and the drs decided that they didn't want to risk me delivering in a snow storm. After that it went very quickly. Just had enough time to call my parents and sister and let them know.

Anyway, Katharina Margaret was born at 8:27 PM CST. She weighs 7 lbs 13 oz(exactly the same as her big sister who was born 1 week further along) and 20.75 inches. She needed oxygen for about 20-30 min then a couple rounds of deep suctioning and she was fine. When they did a blood glucose screen on her it was a tab low, so we gave her 1 bottle of formula. My little bottomless pit sucked down 1.5 oz. The RN was laughing that she eats like a 3 day old. An hr later she was actually hungry again and we tried nursing. Latched onto each side on the first try, horray!

So there we go. My sweet girl is healthy and snuggled in my arms (just seemed to need a little cuddle time,) and while I could stand some sleep, I can get that tomorrow during the snow.

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i was wondering if that last round of ctx was it for you! Welcome to the world Miss Katharina. Get some rest when you can momma and glad you were in the hosp before the snow storm hit!

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Congrats Laura!!! Welcome Katharina!!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear what Liesel thinks!

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CONGRATS!!!! Welcome little Katie! What a great sized baby for not even being 37 weeks! Sounds like everything went pretty well. Glad she is already nursing so well! Enjoy your new fam of 4!! Can't wait to see some pics!

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Aww what a way to go with 1.2 oz already! I can't wait to see pictures. All of the feb babies must wanna come in jan hehehe. Glad she's healthy and happy already!

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Congrats! So happy she's healthy & doing well. Smile

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I'm so slow catching up with everything! Congratulations and welcome baby Katie!!! Yahoo