Its always a good thing to read...

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Its always a good thing to read...

the glowing reviews for your hospital on a forum like this. I lurk on the What to Expect forums and happened across a thread asking the opinion of the hospital where we will deliver. There were about a dozen or so responses and all of them were glowing. Even reviews of my OB and her partner (whom I've never met, but may be stuck with if I go earlier than my scheduled cs) were fantastic. A dozen doesn't sound like much, but with 2 hospitals in the county, around 100,000 total county residents and the entire metro Milwaukee area with several hospitals to choose from, the results are pretty good.

I love my OB here as much as I disliked my last one in MI. She was completely open to considering VBAC even though we eventually decided against it for health concerns. If you know anyone in OZ (if you do you know what that means:) ) that is looking for a good OB and hospital, have them PM me. I'll be happy to give my own acclamations.

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You know, even if you think the world of your OB, its awesome to know everyone else does too!!! I wonder if I could find that for mine. I love mine! Though I'm up north of you, so definitely not the same one Smile

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that's a really awesome thing to come across, probably makes you feel really good!