It's funny

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It's funny

I get a BFP and my boobs start hurting! They were kinda sore yesterday but I blamed it on AF almost being here. I don't think I will truly feel good until my lines start getting darker and the time AF is supposed to be here comes and goes. Are you all okay with me hanging here even though based on my LMP I'm due Jan 31? If I implanted later like I thing it would be the beginning of Feb anyways Smile

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Congrats again! Yay for sore BBs...that's a great sign!

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Of course hang here!! Maybe you're ultrasound will put you just enough over the edge to be "due" in Feb.. hehehe :):)

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Yay for sore boobies. Smile

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I hear ya on the sore bbies! I thought I started AF TWICE and then the spotting would go away, so I just counted myself out. I attributed all my cravings for milk [which I HATE], sore bbies, cramping and headaches to AF. Boy was I ever wrong lol

I know how you feel about wanting darker lines, I have used so many IC's lol Just to watch the line get darker. I figure if I have 'em I might as well use 'em!