It's a girl!!!

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It's a girl!!!

DH and I were (and are still kind of) shocked!!!! I had figured since everyone wanted us to have a girl and thought we would have a girl that it would surely be a boy Smile C-section went fine, have been itchy and sore since, but who cares when we have a new sweet baby!!! She makes the cutest noises, sleeps a lot, and is starting to put some effort into nursing.
Thanks for looking!
Remy Carlin H
Jan 26, 2012
8:20 AM
6 lbs 7.2 oz.
18 inches long


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Thanks for the update. I almost accidentally let the cat out of the bag. She is so cute. So do they think she has OI like you and Ronan?

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I love her name and she is absolutely beautiful!

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She is just gorgeous!! Glad you are feeling pretty good. Love the pic of your hubby, Ronan and Remy! Hope you contiune to heal well and Ronan adjusts well to being a big bro!

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Sooo adorable!! I love her name and she looks so much like her big brother! (:

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She is so so so cute!!! Congratulations hope your recovery goes well

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She looks a lot like her big brother, congratulations!!