January Updates!!

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January Updates!!

Due date/C-section date:

Weeks left:

Most nervous about:

Most excited about:

Sibling thoughts:

SOs thoughts:

Things left to buy:

Any new cravings/adversions:

Anything else you want to add:

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ue date/C-section date: Jan 31st

Weeks left: 4ish O.O Holy smokes!

Most nervous about: Laboring and birthing naturally

Most excited about: Finally meeting my womb rocker!

Sibling thoughts: Kaylee is sooo excited. She talks about him all the time, and has started getting mad when people touch his things. "No mommy, thats for baby rowan!" lol

SOs thoughts: He is so excited. He wasnt there for Kays birth so he is nervous about being my support system. I think he is nesting...he went on a major cleaning spree yesterday. Which he never does lol He steam cleaned the floors, scrubbed the bathroom, washed ALL the laundry, scrubbed the kitchen, hung our new microwave and organized Rowans things in our closet. lol

Things left to buy: Just some odds and ends for mama. OO and a baby carrier.

Any new cravings/adversions: Craving tons of things randomly thanks to TV commercials lol Im making hubby take me to Red Lobster this weekend...Mmm

Anything else you want to add: Ive been having lots more contractions, [tmi] loose stools, and Im just so stinkin excited to meet him. AND IM ON MY LAST BOX ON MY TICKER!!!! Acute

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Due date/C-section date: 2/15

Weeks left: 6

Most nervous about: Hmmm not really nervous about anything. I guess I would have to say I am a little nervous about how my Lola will do with not being the baby anymore. Ethan will be totally fine and way excited about a new baby but Lola I can see being jealous.

Most excited about: I am so excited for the birth! I cannot wait to see how it all goes down this time and when baby will decide to come! I am hoping for a nice short labor like last time and really hope baby is not at all early but not too late Smile

Sibling thoughts: Kinda already mentioned this above. Ethan wants to be at the birth and I really hope it works out so that he can be. Lola doesn't really know what is going on.

SOs thoughts: He is worried how he is going to handle 3 kids!

Things left to buy: I don't need a thing!

Any new cravings/adversions: nothing. I like everything!

Anything else you want to add: I feel like this baby is going to be a big one! I feel like I already don't have room for her to grow anymore! I am very interested to see if s/he breaks into the 9 pound range!

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Due date/C-section date: Feb 3

Weeks left: 4.5

Most nervous about: Going early and not having anyone to watch Liesel

Most excited about: meeting this little one

Sibling thoughts: She's excited now, but I suspect there will be some jealousy and frustration ("I gotta be quiet?") at some point.

SOs thoughts: He's excited, but stressed from work.

Things left to buy: A new monitor and the rubber gasket inserts for the Dr Brown's bottles/new nipples.

Any new cravings/adversions: Sweets, especially cookies.

Anything else you want to add: Having lots of BH lately (every hr or two). A couple real contractions too. And I was joking that if I make it to my scheduled c section date, I'll be having my own private Super Bowl party with me and baby at the hospital. (I don't see why dh needs to be at the hospital that late in the evening when Liesel will need to be in bed half way through the game.)

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[INDENT]Due date/C-section date: Due date is 25th Feb will hopefully have c section date in 2 weeks Smile

Weeks left: 8 wks til due date Smile

Most nervous about: Having the c section and all being awake throu the whole thing freaks me out a little LOL even though I have had one before it all happened so quick..

Most excited about: Meeting this little ray of hope I have longed for many yearsssss.

Sibling thoughts: Very very excited they cannot wait to see what sex the baby is LOL

SOs thoughts: He wants it to be time already

Things left to buy: Bottles thats it

Any new cravings/adversions: chocolate LOL

Anything else you want to add: I am super dooper excited and can't believe its almost time to meet my little man or girl.. ANd can't believe this will be the last time I am pregnant YIKES[/INDENT]

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Due date/C-section date: Due 2/2/12, C- section scheduled for 1/26/12

Weeks left: 3 from tomorrow until c-section!

Most nervous about: Recovering from the section with a one year old to chase/ lift

Most excited about: Everything about a new baby Smile Snuggling, finding out the gender, everything Smile

Sibling thoughts: He really wouldn't get it yet, but if you ask where his baby is he'll lift up my shirt and hug and kiss my belly

SOs thoughts: He's excited for "another vacation"= he's delusional

Things left to buy: Nothing major, just some odds and ends really

Any new cravings/adversions: Same cravings- milk and chocolate

Anything else you want to add: This has gone by SO fast. Last night I was woken with menstrual like cramps- very unlike the BH's I've been having- and it took 2 hours to get them to go away. I never had anything with Ronan at all (scheduled section 39 weeks 6 days), not even BH's really. It was a wake up call- I have to start getting ready for this LO! Even if I make it to the section, that's only 3 weeks from tomorrow :shock:

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Edd 2/22
Got 4-9 weeks left give or take
I am most nervous about transition. I wish I could skip that part of labor. Its where I feel the most weak. And the last 2 times I had a nasty anxiety attack. But I know at that point, I am almost done Smile I am also anxious about how my BP will behave here at the end. If I have to nix my h.b. due to last minute complications, I will be sad.
I am most excited about the actual birth though. There is absolutely nothing else like it.
I don't really need to buy anything else except a new carseat.

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"xMyLovelyLadyBumpx" wrote:

Due date/C-section date:

Weeks left:

Most nervous about:

Most excited about:

Sibling thoughts:

SOs thoughts:

Things left to buy:

Any new cravings/adversions:

Anything else you want to add:

Due Feb 6
5 weeks or so woot!
Honestly not really nervous about anything
Most excited about having a little one to cuddle with and a good reason to be sleep deprived
Kids are excited about having a baby to feed lol and keep asking when he is coming out. Haven't told them yet how mommy feeds baby
Hubs is looking forward to him getting here and being home with us for so long Smile
I need to get some wet bags and inserts for his diapers. Oh and soap
I haven't had many if any cravings food is kinda my aversion...
Just very excited to meet this little guy Smile