Just wanted to say Congrats!

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Just wanted to say Congrats!

To all those Mama's who have made it to 12 wks+, and sorry for those who didn't. I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone better, and the months go on... I just hope this board doesn't slow down like my other 2 did:(

Lets hope for those of us who have suffered with m/s or fatigue it will start to go away now.. I will be glad when mine does!!

Anyways Congrats again:)

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Here's to keeping an ACTIVE board! Biggrin

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Hopefully, more people come out and join us.

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I hope it doesn't slow down I want to stay here and share this wonderful miracle with you all Smile Just gotta keep the board as active as possible Wink

Ditto CONGRATS to us all who have made it to 12 weeks 'HERE's TO US':)