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my mw suggested that i get some kefir and have 8 or so oz in the morning. it's a drinkable smoothly (more like watery yogurt) and it's REALLY GOOD. it is a probiotic but also has 11g of protein so a great way to start the morning. I am awful about a 'good' breakfast so i figured i'm not the only one. thought i would share in case someone is looking for something quick and easy to go with bfast. Also, both my kids have eczema and SIL showed me a study that showed that women whop up their probiotic intake while preggo reduce their chance of having a child with eczema by 50% so worth the try for me!

any health tips you guys have???

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hmm... I have not heard of that before, my first dd had eczema. i like Kefir a lot especially the raspberry flavor. hmm... now I have a really good reason to drink it Smile

Thanks for the tip!

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Thanks for the tip!

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Ooo good tip!! (: