This kid does not seem to be getting the message

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This kid does not seem to be getting the message

While the ctx never stopped, they at least slowed down. Today, not so much. Ctx are stronger than ever and the BP is really getting up there (154/87 while on labetalol). Meanwhile, I called to confirm my appt today and the receptionist canceled it. So now I am, once again, waiting for the triage rn to call back.

I've tried changing positions, lying down, walking/waddling. I just wish I knew if this was another false alarm or if its the real thing.I would like to make it 2 more days to week 37. Katie may have other plans. I'll try to keep everyone posted.

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Bake baby Katie, bake! Wha an impatient little thing! Good luck Laura, I'll be thinking of you!

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bake baby bake! trust your gut too and take good care of yourself!

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Stay inside Katie, just 2 more days! She just wants to be with momma on the outside! Keep us posted Smile