Killer leg cramps!

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Killer leg cramps!

I have started to get charlie horses in my calfs in the middle of the night. I am talking a cramp so bad that it wakes me from a dead sleep and makes me about cry! The pain is worse than labor pains! Then my calf hurts for the next 3 days. It is so annoying! I seem to get these with every pregnancy at this point and they last until after baby is born. I drink tons and tons of water. My midwife says to start a Magnesium/calcium supplement and they also have homeopathic leg cramp tablets that seem to help a lot of people. I just need to get some!! Anyone else have these annoying and painful cramps?

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You are not alone. I got these when I was pregnant with my second daughter, and now the same thing has happened again, but they are way worse and through out the day now too. It sucks and nothing I do helps the pain. Has anything work for you?

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I get them once an a while now, I bought some compression socks for night time and when I am sitting or laying for long periods. [which is a lot of the time lately =/] No they arent cute, but hey its winter and Im wearing pants and sweats so IDC. (: They have worked WONDERS, I got the cramps a lot before and now I get them maybe once or twice a week.

I also elevate my feet lots, which seems to help and hubby gives my legs a rub down once and a while too!

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that really stinks! i am sorry.

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I get them off and on and they would wake me up they were so painful. Go for a massage, it felt really good to have them massaged. It didn't make them go away but I have noticed they are not as frequent. My last massage was over a month ago and I just started having really painful ones again the other day. Time to book another massage in!

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YUP! I am right there with you! They happen in the middle of the night and now they are even starting to happen just when I am walking around. It's so annoying. Sad

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I am with you too, they always come when I am having a lovely dream Wink

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I had some last pregnancy! NOT cool! I hope they go away for you VERY soon Sad

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Yes, I get them EVERY pregnancy! I've found that if you stand up as soon as it starts, they go away...thats all that works for me. If I stay in bed I am in severe pain. My dr. Said to try eating bananas and doing exercises before bed, but i still get them. So when I do, like I said, stand up immediately and try to stand on the hurting leg. I dont know why it works but it does, amd then you can go back to bed.