Landon says HELLO :) U/S pic

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Landon says HELLO :) U/S pic

Everything went pretty good but we had a few hours wait though :confused:

My cervix is nice and long now but they did say that they can see it opening a little so I asked if it was the same way last week. He said yes soooooo of course I am trying not to worry. However after being in the ER last Tuesday it is very hard not to be worried but I trust in the U/S specialist doc. But the length is longer than it has ever measured so that was comforting Smile Little man was moving around lot and he was breach and upside down.. too cute.. I hope you like the pics Smile

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Naww so cute. Glad everything is going well Smile

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Love the pictures! I can't wait for our next ultrasound in a couple weeks!!

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Landon is soooo cute! TFS Smile Sounds like a great appointment!

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Cutie! Glad everything went well! Smile

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Thanks everyone Smile I tell ya I am getting more and more excited every day Smile & boy his this lil guy moving.. each day now which is such a relief Smile


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So glad he is growing well and your cervix is doing great!! Must be such a relief!! He sure is a cutie already!

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Cute!!! :). Glad all is going well.