"Lightning" TMI...but who cares at this point right?

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"Lightning" TMI...but who cares at this point right?

I keep getting this lightning feeling in my lady parts. Sometimes it tickles, sometimes its painful, sometimes with a contraction, sometimes all alone. It just started this afternoon...

What are earth is it?! I never had it with Kay.

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ew seriously Ashley, way TMI, how could you even THINK to mention your LADY PARTS!?! Smile Kidding, obviously. I have that sometimes- I was told maybe the way the baby hits a nerve?
Sorry you have to feel it though- tell that lil man to be nice to his mama!

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I have that feeling every once in a while too. Like Elin said I think it may be babe just hitting a nerve. Not sure really sure.

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if that's tmi we're all in trouble lol! and yes, me too takes my breath away, thankfullly it goes quickly though. i too just assume it's baby hitting something...