Made it to 20 weeks wow!

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Made it to 20 weeks wow!

Wow I remember being 6 weeks pregnant and there was some talk about me having a m/c... well thankfully I made it to half way and everything is going good. I am in a lot of pain, still have m/s once in a while before bed of course that is just the way it goes, but other than that I am doing ok. I find myself ready for bed at like 7pm, and sometimes that doesn't always happen.

I have had to hold/walk around with my 10 month old bc teething hasn't been much fun for her so that has made things a little rough and somewhat painful. My bf has been working extra hours and I don't have a whole lot of help. I am managing the best I can right now though.

Anyways yay to us for making it this far!!!!!!!! Only another 20 more weeks to go:)

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Yay for 20 weeks! The half way point is a wonderful feeling! Next up on the check-list is the viablity checkpoint!
With the holidays creeping in closer I think these next 20 weeks will FLY past us.

Poor LO, Kaylee was a MEGA grump when she was teething. Wanted no one and nothing except for me to hold her and give her frozen fruits wrapped in cheese cloth until the broke the gum. Hopefully your LO will teeth quickly and get back to being a happy little munchkin!

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Congrats on the half way mark, it's crazy how time is flying!

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WOW time is flying Smile so so glad to hear that all is well Smile I think the Holidays are going to just fly by:wink:

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Wahoo! Yes, time is flying!:)

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Wahoo on being half way hun such a special time Smile

I am half way now LOL because I am having a C Section I will be delivering at roughly 38 weeks unless I go early like previous babies Smile

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