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Mar/Feb Mama here

My due date is officially March 1st, but I'm not sure when I'm going to schedule my c-sect. I thought I would come hang out here as well as March. Looking forward to sharing my journey with you guys!

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Hi hun and welcome I am too having a c-section Smile My edd is 28th Feb

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Welcome and congrats! I had a C/S with DS, but the doc is already asking me if I want to VBAC, so I guess we'll see what happens! It's nice to have other C/S mamas to talk to for sure!

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Hi and Welcome! We could use some more mommies around here!

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Hi and welcome! HH9M! Yahoo

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Glad you came over here too. We're both March 1st! Smile But you knew that from the March board! LOL

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Welcome & congrats! I totally love ur skydiving dp...SO cool Smile i've skydived too..can't wait to do that again sometime!
HH9M to you.

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Welcome Lindsay..

I do the same thing as my due date according to U/S is Jan 27th but my OB may go with LMC which makes me Feb 2nd. There is a lot of support on all these board so I am sure you will LOVE it. Smile

P.S. your lil girls are adorable

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I'M a Feb/March girl as well . My EDD is Feb 27 but my last arrived late so I'm thinking this babe might as well.