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Was MIA...

Sorry I haven't been around much.. my bf ended up in the hospital due to having major pain in his stomach and getting sick everytime he ate.. well they kept him in for a week or so, and couldn't find anything wrong with him. How frustrating!! He still isn't any better and it's been a rough few days. I do however have my oldest almost ready for Kindergarden. My youngest who is 9 months old isn't dealing well with her Daddy not being able to do much with/for her, and her Mommy who isn't even supposed to lift her bc of this high risk pregnancy.. needless to say it hasn't been much for any of us.

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How awful ): hopefully thinks perk up for you all shortly!!

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Oh, wow! That sounds pretty miserable!!! Lots of prayers that he gets well really soon!!!

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Ohhh thats horrible that they couldn't find a reason to why he is so sick the poor thing. I hope it all settles down soon..

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Oh boy! I hope things get better soon.