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MIA - Update!

Hey ladies -

Many of you probably do not remember me as I waited somewhat late in the pregnancy to join the board, just to make sure everything was okay. Go figure as soon as I introduced myself, we had some issues and more tests were required. My triple screen came back with a 1/5 chance for Trisomy 18. We were devastated at the possibility (1st pregnancy was lost at 20 weeks to Turners Syndrome - so we have had late loss before) and had to wait for the baby to grow to see if there were any highly detectable markers. At 21 weeks, I had an ultrasound performed by a doctor who has never been wrong in detecting T18 by ultrasound in the 20 years he has been doing it - he did not see a single marker and suggested the risks of an amnio were higher than the chances of a T18 baby. He gave me a 99% chance that everything is okay, but that is all strictly through screening. I have been somewhat kicking myself lately that I did not do the amnio since that is the only 100% way to know for sure - but we go for another ultrasound with this doctor in 2 weeks and hopefully that will give me more peace of mind. Fingers crossed!

Anyhow - I have been lurking and finally just felt I need to jump in! FYI - baby is a little girl and we will be naming her Abigail, Abby for short. After all the problems with this preggo and loss of the first one we are DONE after this! My son will be 3 in July and family will be complete!!

Thanks for reading and I'm so glad to be out of the lurker closet!


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I'm sorry, that is so scary. I pray she doesnt have T18!!!

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I am so sorry for the complications and stress. praying for you and baby Abby that she is healthy {{{hugs}}}

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I remember you, I'm glad you stopped back by! That has to be so scary to deal with, I'm glad everything is looking good! Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby Abigail!

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I remember you too- welcome back! Glad things are looking up for you Smile I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

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Sending you loads of healthy baby vibes!

Oh and WELCOME BACK!! (: We need some more mamas to get active, we have been slackers!

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Welcome BACK !!

By the way.. I love the name Abby and I am sure she will be just fine momma Smile


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Thanks so much everyone! She has been moving like crazy and so far everything has been great - just that little voice that nags at ya, saying what if? I am pushing it away though - positive thoughts!