Mind if I hang out here?

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Mind if I hang out here?

Hi ladies! My name is Emily and my husband and I are expecting baby number 2. As of now my due date is February 1. Not sure how much that will change but I thought I would say hi and see if I could join in here. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Welcome and congrtas Emily!! We are more than happy to have you join us here Smile Our board will pick up more in the near future, as there are still many ladies waiting to test and join us. We will be hopping before long so please stick with us and enjoy getting to know each of us here, and we will enjoy getting to know you and your family too Smile

My name is Linda and my EDD is February 13, 2012. I'm pretty sure that it will change by a few days or so, but that is ok. I am happy to be here and still in awe that we conceived on our own this time.

How are you feeling? How are things going for you, are you still in shock or at the "awe" side of things yet? Lol, so many emotions and hormones....can't pick just one Wink

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Jump on board Emily!!! I love getting to know everyone and I'm sure you'll be no exception! Congrats on baby #2, awesome Smile

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:pileon: Congrats and Welcome! HH9M!

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Congrats and Welcome! We are currently due date buddies! (:

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Hi ladies :).Congrats to all of you as well! I'm doing really well, I've been a bit tired but I'll take it. No morning sickness so far this time (knock on wood) which is great. My biggest thing right now is always worrying that everything is ok. I have my first u/s on tuesday so I hope I'll feel better after that.

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Welcome and congrats! Smile

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