Movement (or lack of)

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Movement (or lack of)

I am so sad because I still feel next to no movement! Unless I am perfectly still or laying down and 100% concentrating I don't feel anything. The movements I do feel are not strong at all. With my last pregnancies I felt tons of movement/kicks by now so it has me worried something is wrong Sad I have a doppler so I know we still have a baby growing in there but it still scares me. I have a u/s on Friday so I will get to see if the placenta is anterior so see if that is why I feel such little movement. Anyone else NOT feeling movement??

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My placenta is smack dab in the front and center of my uterus. I probably won't feel much until 20+ weeks, sadly Sad

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I still am just feeling the very smallest of flutters...I'm a FTM though so I figure it's just gonna take awhile...I'm trying to be patient! :/

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I'm pretty sure mine is anterior, too. It's such a bummer, too.

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Ohhh ladies i really hope you start feeling lots of movement really soon..

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Sending you movement feeling vibes!!! I'm so far a believer that every pregnancy must be different because with Ronan I first felt him at 18 weeks (anterior placenta) but the movements were never as definite as I am already feeling with this LO (posterior placenta)- its SO weird!

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I can feel mine, but the movements are definitly not very strong. And I agree with what someone else said, every pregnancy is different. I'm sure all is well! Smile

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I am glad there are more of you not feeling much movement. I am sure my babe is fine but I can't help but worry! I LOVE feeling lots of movement so it makes me sad to feel next to nothing but tiny bumps here and there. Tomorrow at my u/s my first question will be "is the placenta anterior" I am sure they will be surprised that I am more interested in that then the gender! lol