Moving over from January (m/c ment)

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Moving over from January (m/c ment)

I'm not happy to be here, but it's nothing against any of you. Today I experienced my first chemical pregnancy after TTC for almost years. This is seriously the closest that we have ever got. It was the first time I have ever seen a BFP. Those two days I was "pregnant" were the happiest of my life. And that all got taken away from me today. On top of all that, my OB brushed it off as a "false positive". What the eff ever. I am so pissed.

Another reason I am not too stoked to be here is because my birthday is in February and I'm too selfish to share my birthday month with anyone. Wink Haha. I am only *sort of* kidding.

So, hello. My name is Jenna. I am on cycle 23 of TTC our first baby. This will be my second cycle using Clomid & having an IUI. It seemed to work last cycle, so I am quite hopeful. Smile

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I'm sorry. I was really happy for you when you got your positive. I hope it works again this time and sticks.

hey, I share my exact birthday with my son! It's not so bad Wink

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Aw!! Sorry about the c/p Sad
Anddd I know what you mean about not wanting to share Smile hehe...
I used to want to have a baby in my birth month (March) so we'd have two septembers and two marchs in our family... however Im selfish and my birthday gets skipped over enough already so I'd probably really have a sad birthday then Smile But then I figured it might give me something fun to celebrate!!

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I hate to see you moving over to another month because I was hoping that was a sticky bean But you are welcome here and sending baby dust your way :babydustpink:

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"always_1111" wrote:

On top of all that, my OB brushed it off as a "false positive". What the eff ever. I am so pissed.

I'm so sorry, my dr described them as false positives as well. If it wasn't b/c she's been my dr for 12+ years and consequently become my friend, I would have argued with her. I think dr's must be trained to say this or something. We ALL know there is no such thing as a false positive.

I was so excited for you when I saw you were pg, and sad when it didn't last. *hugehugs* I agree tho, this is very hopeful - and I hope this month you will have a sticky bean. Baby dust to you!

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I am sorry for your loss Jenna. Keep positive though, this will happen!! Smile


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Sad I'm sorry to see you over here too (well, only for the obvious reason!). I'm so sorry! I'm one of those annoying silver lining people, so try to focus on the positive--you got pregnant. Something is working. we will all cross our fingers and pray the next one is more sticky! Much love!!

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So sorry for your loss Sad This will be your month though!!!

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm also sorry about your OB being an @ss. I hope you get a sticky bean this month!! :bigarmhug: