My Anatomy Scan is Today! (OOPS, update!)

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My Anatomy Scan is Today! (OOPS, update!)

1:00pm. I know we already know the gender, but hearing her heartbeat and seeing that everything is ok is what I am super excited about.

So I went. The tech got all the measurements she needed. Daphne was sitting like Boodah again with her bottom half in my pubic bones. The tech couldn't measure the bladder or see the where the cord inserts into her belly. Nor could she verify that Daphne was in fact still a girl. She was asleep and her heart rate was only 138. The only issue we had at the moment was low fluids. I am not too worried at this point in the game because that can resolve itself. I just need to up my water intake. I may get a referral to a perinatology clinic. Not sure what my OB will want to do yet. I will get more sonos though to see the bladder and cord insertion.

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Yay! Mine is next week and I can't wait!

Be sure to update us! Wink

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Yay! Hope all goes great! :goodluck:

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((HUGS)) good luck.. hoping to see some cute pics soon Smile

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Whoo hoo! Her girly parts all better still be there!! Biggrin

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Good luck enjoy. Be sure to post pics.

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Hey there, thinking of you today! I hope Friday's scan went well - is there still a GIRL in there?? Wink

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hope everything went well. peeks at baby are always nice!

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Hope all went well!! Smile