My baby is.....

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My baby is.....

The little one growing inside is a.......
A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are head over heels happy!! My husband is so thrilled to have his little princess to be. I'm just scared since I have started buying all girl stuff that later they will tell me they made a mistake:eek: Oh and she's stubborn as all get out. She had her little legs crossed at the feet and wouldn't hold her head up. Soooo I get another scan so they can get all the measurements.

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Wahoo on your little girl so exciting Smile

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Congrats Christina!!! I think it'd be awesome to have a girl- I just imagine all of the cute blankets, clothes, accessories, etc! Post pics when you can!

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Congrats! Girls are sooooo much fun!

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My little girl was stubborn too! Must be a girl thing Smile
Welcome to team PINK

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Yay!! Congrats!
Girls are a blast, and always seem to be stubborn little womb divas!

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Yahoo Congrats! Another girl!!! I know how you feel, DH and I have been pretty strong and haven't bought too much girl stuff...we're waiting for them to confirm it on the 28th, lol! But you have to buy something, or you'll go crazy, hehe!

Oh, be sure and post about your GIRL to the LoveBugs thread! Biggrin

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YAY!!!! Congrats on your little princess!!!! So happy for you!!!

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Congrats!! Yay team pink seems to be ruling the Feb board Smile

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Yay!! Congrats. I really am hoping you'all can share these girl vibes. Smile