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My bizarre comment

I went fabric shopping with my mom yesterday to finish buying the stuff for the baby's nursery (my mom is making all of my stuff for me). I am super picky (which is why we are making it instead of buying it), so it was a little overwhelming to me. As we were getting our fabric cut, Mom started asking me other questions about the nursery and I asked her "How many decisions do I have to make today?" One of the ladies that works there looked at me and said, "Just wait until you're an adult." I looked at her and said, "I'm 31 with 8 children and 1 more on the way, but thanks for the compliment!"

I was shocked! I may look young for my age, but there is no way I look that young. Not to mention I am 6 months pregnant! This is my most recent pic. That woman was clearly nuts (but good for a laugh)!

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Actually you are pretty small to me for 6 months and you look great. I would never guess you were 31. I'm getting as round as the Great Pumpkin hehehe

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Kristy you look fabulous! I'd never guess you're 31 but I would place a bet at 25-27 (:

Im HUGE, people now ask me if Im due any minute & I still have 90 days to go LOL I will be massive by the end of this pregnancy

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Seriously. Where is your baby hiding?! Haha. You are tinyyy. I'm jealous. I feel like a whale.

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how cutely pregnant are you?!?! you have a very young looking face, i would love to have seen that ladies face when you responded lol!

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Ya'll are too sweet! My belly seems much bigger without my clothes than with them! I think my boobs make it look smaller than it is!

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