My MIL is driving me crazy!

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My MIL is driving me crazy!

I love my MIL so much, but as of lately she has been so annoying. Mainly regarding names.

I gave our little girl the nickname Bean from the first ultrasound because she looked like a Bean. The nickname is something I would like to stick around forever. But my MIL still insists on calling her "Peanut". All the time. Even though in my baby blog I call her Bean. Capitalized. To show that it's a name. For her.

So now, I am considering telling the family that we are thinking of naming her Bean related words just to rile her up. Such as...

You get the point. Haha. I just don't want her calling my little Bean some other stupid nickname. I already banned my mom from spending any time with her, do I have to ban BOTH grandmothers?! Gee whiz.

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Don't forget about Kidney and Navy!
You're funny.
Flat out tell her, I'd say! Some people Smile

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Haha, well like Elin, I would flat out tell her! It's YOUR baby right? If she wants a baby to call peanut she can get pregnant again lol Thats what I always tell me and DHs family. "If you want to make the rules, have another baby."

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I am laughing my butt off at Garbanza. That is too cute honestly! I called the baby "Eggbert" forever until I call her by her name now. Eggbert is the really nerdy big headed chick that was on Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. He was the son of the chicken Foghorn Leghorn was always chasing after. husband ..ok this is horrible lol...but my husband reminds me of the little nerdy chicken who is so smart and also he has a big head. Yes, I'm horrible, but the nickname stuck heheh

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Cocoa, or any of these:
Anasazi has a nice ring to it. If you went with Garbanzo, you could call her Garby for short. I also knew a lady who went by Beanie. I think her real name was Bernice.