My new bestest friends

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My new bestest friends

I am in love with my Bed Buddies hot/cold wraps and my new chiropractor. I've put off going. Always thought of them as chiroquacks because of a bad experience with one as a teen. I'm happy to announce that I'm singing a different tune. I have tension headaches and sciatica. When not preggo it was 800mg Motrin, hot water bottle and bed. Since I've had two adjustments this week and been on ice/ heat therapy I've had almost no pain. Almost because, face it, it took several years to get my back/neck as goofed up as it was, two visits are not going to lead to miracles. To put it mildly, he said I won the award for tighest spine at the first visit. He couldn't get anything to adjust the first day.:eek: Today, I think I heard most of my spine crunch into position and about half my neck. I'll need 2-4 more visits then its just monthly maintanence. And his office does pregnancy massage! I know I'll need that in the future.

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Laura, that's awesome! Not being in pain all the time will make such a difference I'm sure Smile Yay for modern medicine!!!!

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Oo yay! I'm glad you're already feeling better!
I am a little nervous about going while pregnant, but I keep hearing how much it's helping people so I think I'll give it a try (:

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE my chiro, especailly while preggo! Near the end I go once a week and it makes all the difference! I felt awesome right up to the day I had my baby and much was due to my chiro. My kids love going too, plus it is super cute watching them get adjusted Smile

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So glad that you are feeling better Smile Keep it up girl