My poor poor...

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My poor poor...

I dont like to complain to people but who else will listen to me besides you ladies?! lol


So since my last appointment I have been keeping track of my blood sugar at home with a cheapie kit from wally world. Silly me forget to get a lancet set that allows you to forearm test so my finger tips are hating me right now :angry1: You'd think after a day or so I would go get a new one but every time hubby is home we just want to relax together and when we do head to the store I always forget! Darn preggo brain!


Sleeping on my side is so hard. I hate it, Im a belly sleeper normally so this is not easy lol. I end up on my back, propped up with 3 pillows because sleeping on my side is really a pain in the rump! I have a belly support that I wear, Ive tried wearing it at night no difference. I called my OB yesterday and she suggested I get Icy/Hot Patches and put them on my hips 2 hours before going to bed and taking them off before laying down so we shall see how well that works. Of course I forgot the new lancet pokey thingy when we went to get icy/hot :rolleyes:


Its soooo freaking itchy! I've used so much freaking lotion the last 2 months, I swear the pharm tech thinks hubby fiddles with himself 6 times a day since he is the one running to get my supplies all the time.
My BHCs are so annoying, sometimes crampy and slightly painful...Im over them. They can rot in the deepest part of H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!! Bleh!


I have had a cold the last 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS. :eek: So breathing at night is impossible, combine that with my hips and my little ninja attacking my bladder 2-3 times a night Im up and down a lot. So hubby along with my lotion has been buying lots of tissues [oh the giggles] and Vicks and chapstick. Im sure the ladies at the Pharmacy think DH is a perv! LOL ROFL

Okay thats it...for now. Blum 3 Overall I feel pretty good, the swelling hasnt gone insane in a few days so that makes me happy. I checked my BP today it was 134/70 YAY!
We are finally getting the last minute things purchased for both Rowan and myself. Makes everything seem so much more real and CLOSE! I am also nesting again...I just re-washed all his and kays laundry including bedding, blankies ect. DH thinks im a nut. lol

I love being pregnant even tho being pregnant aparently doesnt love me back! haha.

If you read all this, I bow before you lol

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totally ok to complain! i hear ya on the hip pain and sleeping ugh, i roll over so many times at night and rolling kills my back! glad the swelling and bp are staying low YAY!

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It's your party you can cry if you want to! Maybe your DH can start stocking up more at a time so he doesn't have to go so often- poor guy Smile Funny though. I'm getting more and more bh's (swear I didn't have them last time at all...) and some of them are a little painful- I've been surprised! If I didn't have my pregnancy body pillow I would be very unhappy, because even with it I also cannot stop tossing and turning! And dang it go and get the right lancets lady!