My preemie....

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My preemie....

is turning into a CHUNKY MONKEY!!! She is followed by the
development team which follows preemies for 1 to 2 years depending on when they were born. Since she was born at 34.5 weeks she will be followed for a year unless she grads before then. Today she had another apt with her reg ped doctor and she put on another oz over night. She is now 7lbs 11oz!!!! I'm so freaking happy. I should have figured she was porking up because her outfits fit her now. We also have a photo session booked for sat. I can't wait to put all her little hats on her. I even have a mermaid tail for her heehehe.

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How much was she at birth again? Way to grow Isabella!!! What a relief, huh??

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Yay! Grow little Isabella!!
I bet you're in chunky baby heaven(: