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I am having such a hard time trying to figure out a name for this little babe! My husband doesn't agree on really anything I suggest but also doesn't give any options either! The only girl name he likes is Zoey and I just cannot agree to it. I told him he can have it as a middle name (even though it basically goes with NOTHING). The girl name I adore is Teagan. Garrett will agree to it as long as we use Zoey as a middle name. How stupid does Teagan Zoey sound? Oh and I would want to spell Zoe without the y because I like the looks of it better. Anyway anyone have opinions about it? Oh and if it is a boy we are totally screwed because we have nothing! Lol

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Teagan Zoe sounds pretty nice.

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Teagan like it looks or Teagan like Tay-gan [I met a girl at the hospital who named her kiddo Teagan and says it like Tay-gan]

I like Teagan. Its really cute, it was in the running for Kaylee's name (: I also like Zoe/y, but I dont like the double long E sound of Teagan Zoe/y. That's just me.

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I was pronouncing it Taygan.

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Don't worry you are not alone here lol. We have no names what so ever. I have a very long list for girls that hubby just says hmm to most lol as for boys we are screwed too I find them harder it will be a last minute naming session for us when this baby arrives.

I do like Teagan Zoe. My cousin is Tegan Emily and I like the way people say it like tay gan. Hubby's are hard to get names out of lol

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i have no good advice! i am pronouncing it Tee/gan and honeslty i don't love it with Zoe/y but Tay/gan Zoe/y works in my head. Good luck, something will stick Smile

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Teagan would be pronounced Tee-gan. So should I spell it different? I honestly never thought of pronouncing it any other way but maybe I should spell it Tegan? I just don't like the looks of that as well. This whole name thing is so difficult this time! I would much rather not have Zoe anywhere in the name but I would feel really bad since Garrett LOVES it so much!

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I would have pronounced it your way with the spelling you want (Teagan being said Tee-gan) as that's the only way I've ever heard it! I think you'd be fine keeping that spelling. I'd say give in on the Zoe, its cute! Plus, how often will you be throwing the middle name in when you're saying her name? But, if it bugs you a lot, stand your ground Smile

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I told my DH the other day that I wished babies just came with names like my cabbage patch's did 20 years ago. We are also stuck on names and since it's a surprise have to come up with boy and girl names. BLAH! I think Teagan Zoey sounds fine as long as you can both agree and it goes with your last name. And I agree with pp that said the middle name isn't that important unless you are going to use it as part of what you call her. Good luck, naming babies isn't as much fun as I thought it was going to be!

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Marcia - I can totally sympathize with you about the name thing. DH doesn't agree on any name that I really like Sad Doesn't help that we have used up our 2 favourite boys names already and we are having a 3rd boy.

I like the name Teagan - I have heard it pronounced both Tay-Gan and Tee-Gan, so if you are worried about people mispronouncing it that might be a problem. I prefer to spell Zoey with Zoe (umlotte on the e) My cat's name is Zoey and I hate the spelling of her name, but I didn't name her, her foster family did.