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Has anyone else started doing this, or going through this??

I was just complaining to my mom that I wish I could hire someone to go through each room and organize it from start to finish/top to bottom and that way it would be all done. I try to keep up with everything, but I find if I do too much I am extremely sore, and was told the other day if I keep it up I could go into pre-term labor I don't want that.

I am just frustrated with my body, and not my house, and not sure how I could fix it so that I am happy with the way my house is.

Anyways I had to vent thanks for listening!!

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I think I just hit nesting...ugh I was hoping it'd start after the holidays. But since there's a chance of DH deploying soon I think it just hit me that I need to get a move on! I need his help with a lot of stuff (stuff I can't move, such as his work out stuff), plus I think he should clean out room since he's the one who destroyed it when he got new work out stuff (ha ha!)

But today I was washing baby clothes I bought this weekend (going to get all his stuff washed and put in a tub until he gets here or we get a dresser for him!) and I just went crazy on all the stuff laying around in the laundry room. Ha all of which belongs to DH (his military gear which I can hardly lift because of a pulled muscle...oh and because I'm pregnant lol).

So, I'm with you...I wish I could hire someone to come in and clean, but they'd have to go under my directions on how things go ha ha! Thankfully I got DD2's room cleaned last week and need to get DD1's done. Usually it doesn't bother me, but it feels gross which makes me feel gross and...gah!

Ugh thinking about it is making me crazy ha ha!

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I kinda wish I was nesting because this place needs a clean up LOL... I only have 7 days left of work so hoping after I have had a big rest I will be able to clean up a little Smile

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i get small spurts of energy then exhausted for a few days...don't do too much, we still have time!