never hurts to ask.. might be TMI

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never hurts to ask.. might be TMI

Hi Ladies,
Sorry new mommy here so I just have to ask Smile

I was just curious if what I am experiencing is normal. I assume so but since I have had cervical failure in the past I thought it never hurts to ask.

Is it normal for your down under bone to ache? (Especially when walking) it is not my u know what but the bone itself.. kind of strange…yikes :eek:

I know silly question but I feel that it is a bit early to feel those type of pains.

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No question concerning pregnancy is silly, I promise! What you are feeling is normal. It will eventually hurt in your vaginal area more as well....inside. Way up there Wink If you are aware of where your own cervix is, that is the area I speak of. More pressure there too. Before labor. Just thought you should know ahead of time.

It wasn't so bad during my first or second pregnancy, but boy did it get stronger and more uncomfortable from my third child on.

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yup it's totally normal, esp in the 3rd trimester everything stretches out even more. if you have any concerns though it doesnt hurt to mention it to your doc either Smile

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Totally normal hun

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Completely normal and I feel your pain. It hurts!!

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Normal!! Try getting a belly band, it'll take some of the pressure off! (:Its worked wonders for me so far.

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My pelvic bones literally feel like they are ripping apart. Totally normal and caused by a hormone called relaxin that helps your bones stay loose for the birth.

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Thanks for the replies.. Good to know it is normal Smile

I'll try the belly ban to see if that helps Smile