New Here...sneaking in... :)

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New Here...sneaking in... :)

Hi Everyone! I am sneaking in here! Hope you have room for more! Smile

My name is Michelle, I am ... old...haha...I am married to Joe we live in HOT Arizona! We have 5 dogs (yes you read that right!) and have been married for 15 years. We have been TTC our first for about 7 years. Well, we got our postive HPT on Fathers Day and we got our blood work and my beta doubled. Still I was leery and today we had our first U/S. We have TWINS! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: - we saw both their heartbeats and they are measuring exactly where they should be! (I am 6W5d with a due date of 02/27 but she told me twins tended to come early) I would love to join this February Family!!!
Being a new FTM I will have TONS of questions! I look forward to meeting everyone! And once I figure out how I will get a ticker up in this post!

Thanks for listening!
Michelle :piggy:

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YEA!!! welcome, I am very glad to have another twin mama here with me Smile

5 dogs ... holy cow! you are going to be busy in a few months Smile


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Welcome Michelle! Congratulations on the twins...great tht u've seen them and heard heartbeats too!

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Welcome- YAY for twins!!! How awesome is that!? We have 3 dogs- and a 6 month old (and another on the way now...)- life is crazy but happy! Ask as many questions as you can think of- we love chatting Smile

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Thank you everyone for the welcome! Yeah we are going to be crazy busy! I am still in shock and couldn't even sleep last night running through all the scenarios. I am a worryer!!! Beee

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Congrats on twins! I'm secretly hoping they'll find another one in there but it's not likely. Lol

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Congrats!!!!! Yay for another February twin momma!

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Hello and Welcome (: I look forward to getting to know you! WOW TWINS! We thought we had twins but there is just one little munchkin for us. (:

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:pileon: yay congrats and welcome to February! I'm going to be a FTM after a long time TTC. That's so awesome to have another twin mama here! Congrats again and HH9M!

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Hello Michelle! So glad you are here and you and I can be the older mommies. TWINS!!!! Wow, what a beautiful blessing you have, so thrilled for you! Looking forward to getting to know you too! Ask anything and we will try to help. You will have your hands full for sure with 5 fur babies and two bundles of joy in a few short months!! WELCOME!!!

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welcome to the bored. and that def must have been a shock to find twins after such a long time ttc! everyone tells me that I am having twins but i have a few weeks til my first prenatal to find out how many there are in there. feel free to ask any questions. my first one is 2 1/2 and a little ball of... fun? lol i love being a stay at home mommy its the best!

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Congrat!!! Welcome to the Feb board !!! Smile
Looking forward to sharing a H9M with you Smile Iam also on the Jan board since my due date is right at the end of the month Smile Both boards are GREAT.. Congrat again:yahoo: