No motivation!

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No motivation!

I am having a busy week and it won't end until next sat...I have absolutely no motivation to use my time wisely and get done what NEEDS done. I HAVE to get to the pharm. to get ds1's Rx but that would require me to get them and myself dressed. Then i need to go the store and get something for dinner since I won't be home and we have nothing in the house for hubs and kids to eat. I wish the store and the pharm. delivered LOL

how are all you ladies today?

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Oh, bummer!!! I'm right there with you. I swear, if I got as much done in real life as I've gotten done on Farmville this week, I would be WAY ahead. HAHA!!! I'm just tired and I've been fighting a migraine the past 3 days. I can't take a nap since that makes it worse for me and the kids are just soooo loud. Ugh. Anyway, I keep trying to go make a pitcher of tea but it's not happening. I'm just too darn sleepy.

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I'm with you! School starts on Monday and I am nowhere close to being ready. Starting to panic here!

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I'm with you too. It seems like too much work to leave the house with the kids some days.

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I've had no motivation since I was 5wks LOL I am just starting to gt it back now Smile