NT Scan tmrw + pics *UPDATE*

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NT Scan tmrw + pics *UPDATE*

The scan is done! The NT measurement is 1.3mm and the nasal bone is 2.7mm. I believe that is within the normal range. *phew* Although, the radiologist has advised another scan 2 weeks from now coz apparently tdy she could not measure the cranial bones clearly enough. I say more the scans, better for me...i love watching baby in there Biggrin
Got a nice view of baby too, it was swimming & bumping around there Biggrin It also waved its arms at one point!! Heartbeat is 172. I'm so glad and relieved...now this pregnancy is finally beginning to feel real to me Smile
Thnx for the replies & support, ladies!!

I have my nuchal translucency scan tmrw! I am 11weeks+. Although its a tad early to test, my Doc wont be available for next 3 weeks, so she ordered it for tmrw. hope it goes well and results are all good. I am excited though to see my little baby and hear the HB again. wish me luck please! I will update results later as soon as i can!

Also, here r some pix of me & my family! Smile sorry too many, i tend to get *slightly* carried away Biggrin
this is me -

DD anvita @ 1st birthday-

daddy & girl-

some recent ones of anvita-

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Ami you have such a beautiful family!!!!
Good luck tomorrow on your scan- I'm sure it'll go wonderfully

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Adorable family Smile Thanks for sharing.. Good Luck tomorrow .. (HUGS)

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You have such a cute family! Good luck tomorrow! Smile

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Awww, I love picture threads! You have a beautiful family! Your dd is simply ADORABLE!!!! TFS!

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Good luck tomorrow! The pics are so cute, you have a great looking fam!

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Ami- I'm happy to hear the scan went so well, and YAY for another U/S!!!!

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So glad your scan went so well!

Your DD is so beautiful!

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You have such a sweet little family!!
I hope your appt goes perfectly!