NT scan tomorrow.. Yay

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NT scan tomorrow.. Yay

My wonderful OB office moved my NT scan a week early.. so we will be able to see our lil wiggling bb tomorrow Smile Very excited… I am posting this now because I let you mommas know each time before my appointment so I can get all the prayers and thoughts to ease my nerves.. Sooooooo this time is NO different Smile I really feel it helps me get through the day leading up to the actual appointment Smile

My high risk appointment will be two weeks later so I am getting spoiled with seeing our lil miracle almost every two weeks now.. It’s going to drive me crazy not seeing s/he for 4 weeks .. Boo.. But I am high risk so that makes everything a bit daunting.


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Good luck with the appt! Yeah for getting to see LO so often!

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AWESOME!!! I can't wait to hear all about it Smile

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LUCKY you!! i was saying to DH just yesterday that i wished i could have an U/s every week to see my bean!
Good luck....sending good vibes ur way!