OB Appt & Crib

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OB Appt & Crib

This morning I had an OB Appt, which was really quick. My belly was measuring at 24 weeks and the midwife tried to say that I was at 22w3d. Um no, lady. I had an IUI. I know exactly when I conceived and how far along I am and you are wrong. Whatever.

But this morning ended with me crying in a bathroom stall because my hubby missed our appt. He thought it was at 0840 and it was at 0820 and they couldn't wait for him. They were like "it's not that important, it's just a quick appointment, he has plenty more to come to." WHAT THE EFF EVER. This is our first baby and I want my hubby at every appt. Ugh. But he missed it by like 10 minutes which broke my heart and made me a crying emotional mess. Sad

In other news, we put together our crib this weekend. Smile


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Someone needs to give ur midwife a big cup of HAPPY for goodness sake! That sucks that DH missed your appointment especially by just that little amount of time. I mean really they didnt have 10 minutes of wiggle room? Grr.

That crib is too darn cute!! I like the blankie too!!
On a side note:
I wanted white cribs and then I changed my mind because I figured it would be a pain in the long run to keep clean. And I am glad we went with dark because my oh so sweet adorable little girl just LOVED to smear poo on her walls and bed when she was about 10-12months old. EW
...Uhm but dont worry Im sure your LO wont be a poop smearing monster!! (: LOL

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Ashley - HAHAHAHAHAHHAA. I totally needed that laugh.

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:bigarmhug: I'm sorry your appointment didn't go as you planned, with the MW being a bit clueless and poor DH missing out! I hope your day gets much better!

I love the crib! the bottom part with the feet looks really cool and modern cut. Biggrin

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Sorry about the appt Sad My hubby went to many of my appts with my first and now with #3 I am guessing he may go to about 1 of them the entire time! lol He gets ZERO sick time so he can't take time off for the appts. It sucks! Love the crib/sheet/blanket! so cute!

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sorry your hubs didn't make the appt :(. Adorable crib!!!

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Cute crib but my hubby doesn't go to my appointments either. It really isn't that important. He can't come hold the cup for me to pee into or see what I weigh. He was at my anatomy scan and the very first appointment. The midwife didn't need to be a douche about it if it was that important to you though.

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Sounds like a great appt! I am sorry hubby could not make it, its sad they wouldn't wait just a few minutes. I love your crib! Where did you get it?

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My DH doesn't get to come to any of my appts either Sad due to work commitments and all.. He does however make sure he is present for ALL u/s appt's thats something he would never miss out on but just the monthly check ups we don't worry as much.. Pitty they couldn't hold off for a few minutes for you though as it seem's it is really important to you both he is there for them!!

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People can be so insensitive- sorry Sad On a good note- glad your appointment went well and that the crib is up- its beautiful!

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Luv the crib. So sorry about your appt. My DH almost missed my big ultrasound...He was meeting me there (coming from work), and they called me in. I said, well, can we wait a few min my hubby isn't here yet. They said, "no" sorry. So I went in and started the ultrasound and then he showed up. So he missed the first few minutes. He doesn't come to any of my other appts, but I wanted him at the ultrasound!! Anyway, mine ended up good...so sorry yours didn't. STINKS!

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Sorry to hear that your DH miss the apt. I have been lucky that my family lives in the same city so since my hubby hasn't made but the very early apts before being shipping off, mommy as the stand in support. I love the crib! We are getting on the ball ourselves finally lol.