OB apt today

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OB apt today

I had my 24 week OB apt and everything went well. I'm up about 4 pounds for the whole pregnancy and my BP was nice and low. When I went to my reg doctor a few weeks ago, he found out that my heart has been stressed more since being pregnant. I guess I have a heart murmur now probably due to extra blood flow. It hasn't caused a huge problem but she ordered a test to be run to make sure it's just a small one. Plus, I get to go to a special fetal doctor to re-do the ultrasound to get the measurements. Overall, it was a good apt with baby moving around like crazy lately, heart 143. She's been kicking the mess outa me the last week. I wasn't sure what the heck that was until a lightbulb went off and said ahhhhh that's the baby finally kicking really hard. I'm such a dork :rolleyes:

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Aw! That's awesome! Smile

I'm jealous of your kicks. I think Bean has been kicking a little bit but my placenta is getting most of the jabs, I'm sure.

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Congrats Christina!!!! I hope everything is ok with your heart and that you don't have any uncomfortable side effects from it. YAY for super kicks!!!! IT's SO awesome, right?

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Yay for kicks! Boo for heart! I hope everything works out and that you have no serious issues!

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Congrats on a GREAT appointment Smile