Officially Joining YAY (XPost)

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Officially Joining YAY (XPost)

So I've been very nauseated and gassy for the past few days but yesterday I vomited -- and again this morning! I hate vomiting -- except I can't help but be totally happy about it.

My new tests that I ordered on Amazon aren't here yet, so yesterday I went to the dollar store and got three New Choice -- all pink faint pink lines. I asked DH to go get me a cheap early test at Wal-Mart last night - I used one and immediate line appeared, faint but not squinting faint, and tested again this morning with FMU and it's definitely darker -- instant BFP!

So I'm going to say I'm officially pregnant! Now I'm hoping it will stick but I feel really good about this one cause eww I haven't been this nauseated and sick and the non-sticky ones so YAY for SICK!

I did an override on FF cause the O dates it was giving me were impossible - I'm sticking to O date on CD19 which puts me at 14DPO today

EDD for CD19 is 2/02/2012 - Hope you don't mind if I stick around on both boards

And yes, I promise I'll get pics - I'm obviously going to test again every two days just to make sure lines keep getting darker instead of lighter DH is sleeping, he will kill me if I start turning lights on for a pic lol

This totally made my day! I feel like I could just go outside and scream like a crazed freak!!!

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Yay!! Congrats on the BFPs!!! That is super exciting.

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YAY!!! How awesome is that? Isn't it great to be excited about feeling like crap ???

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Wow you get nauseous fast! I remember last month you were sick as well. And to think by looking at your chart, I was going to suggest that maybe you haven't ovulated yet (I looked at the one you left on the January board). Boy was I wrong Huh!!!! Can't wait to see the pics!!!!!

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Yay!! Congratulations!! :yahoo::yahoo:

I'm loving all these BFPs!! Haha!!

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YAY!! I am so excited for you! I was stalking you on the previous boards we shared! (:

Sending you serious sticky bean vibes. You tell that little baby to be I said s/he HAS to stick around or I will be very upset with him/her!!!

Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo





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Congrats! YAY! I was hoping you'd make it over here!! :):)

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Smile OMG Thank you, love all those little dancing jumping people lol

Jan - FF interprets two different O dates on that - one on Research Mode, another on Advanced mode -- and if I use OPK mode, then I get yet another interpretation lol Guess there is more than one way to read a chart!

I have no idea what the exact O date is -

I am still waiting for my new tests grrrrrrrrrrrr I want to POAS now lol

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So happy for you..and totally get the happy about puking thing.
Yay for feeling rough!!!!