Oh so Frizzy.. :(

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Oh so Frizzy.. :(

Anyone else’s hair going crazy with curls and being oh SOOOO dry.. :confused: I was told by my OB that in the 2nd trimester it is okay to dye your hair..:rolleyes: I have been on the fence about doing it :confused: The main reason is because I always heard it’s a BIG no no..:eek: but I am also scared my hair will fall out.. :dry:

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I'm on the fence about dying hairs too. I really would rather not risk it. But that's just me.

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I don't dye all of my hair because I can't bare to part with my red hair but when I was pg with Kay
i dyed the under part of my hair a deep brown so my red would stand out better.

If you dye you hair use one with low or no ammonia (sp?) And that cones with a conditioner or oil to use after! Biggrin

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I had mine colored yesterday and feel so much better now! I canceled the appointment I had in my first trimester, but everything says it is okay in the second. I asked my doctor and he said it was no problem at all! I have been super careful about everything, and I decided to trust my doctor on this one! I just couldn't stand the idea of starting back to school with my hair like it was. Yuck!

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You could always go with foil highlights! The dye doesn't touch your scalp at all with foils. Wink My BFF is an amazing hair dresser and she says that's definitely the safest and it satisfies the need to change things up. I'm going to go see her soon and get some chunky layers cut in and some foils. I just can't decide what color. lol

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Thanks ladies for the comments Wink I feel better knowing I am not alone in this regard.. I think I will try and hold off as long as I can Smile & if I must just do my roots or highlights Smile fun fun

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My hair feels like straw. I am ready to shave it all off. Or get a hot oil treatment. But who has time for that?

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I have to admit my hair is actually feeling better than ever DH said the other day gee it's shiny. Maybe the 2nd trimester it goes to straw Ahh I hope not lol. I have to dye my hair otherwise I will be Soo grey and silver

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I've heard if your hair gets worse its a girl and if it gets better its a boy, but I doubt there's much stock in that! I don't think the weather helps with the dry/frizzies right now either though!